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Alabama criminal defense lawyer
Richard Jensen. Richard tries
criminal trials and appeals and
Rule 32 petitions  and appeals
statewide in all Alabama trial and
appellate courts; in Alabama's
federal courts; in the US Court of
Appeals for the 11th Circuit in
Atlanta, Ga.; and the Supreme
Court of the United States.
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Required by Alabama law: These recoveries and testimonials are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends,
family, or other individuals may say about what a case is worth, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The
valuation of a case depends on the facts, the injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors.
Furthermore,no representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the services of other lawyers.

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Lawyers in the United States!
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Rated one of Best Attorneys in America!

Top 10 NACDA Nation's Premier Lawyer.

Top 10 Client Satisfaction,
American Institute of Criminal Lawyers.

Martindale Hubbell Highest (AV) rating.

Top 75 National Advocacy DUI Defense.

Top 100 National Trial Lawyer 2013 & 2014!
Recent cases:

State v. L.S.F. Sodomy 1st Degree, Dismissed.
State v. M.B.M. Sodomy 1st Degree. Dismissed.
State v. B.E. Sex Abuse. Case Dismissed.

Statev. B.E. Sodomy 1st Degree. Reversed on appeal.
State v. B.F.E. Sex Abuse 1st. Convicted. Appealed.

State v. MJ. Assault. Case Dismissed.
State v. DP. Abuse/Neglect. Case Dismissed.
State v. M.P. Terroristic Threats. Misdemeanor plea.
State v. R.H. Aggravated Child Abuse. Diverted.

State v. M.D.M. Rape 1st. Convicted. Appealed.

State v. M.F. Felony Child Abuse. Case Dismissed.
State v. T.C. Felony Child Abuse. Case Dismissed.
State v. L.A. Sodomy, Rape 1st Degree. Dismissed.
State v. J.D., Rape 1st Degree, Not Guilty.
State v. T.N. Sex Abuse 2nd Degree, Case Diverted.
State v. JI., Sexual Abuse 1st, Sodomy, Not Guilty
State v. G.S. Sodomy, 2nd Degree. Case Dismissed.
State v. L.McD. Robbery 1st Degree. Case Dismissed.
State v. R.T. Possession of Child Porn, Diversion.
State v. P.G. Possession of Child Porn, Dismissed.
State v. J.Z. Possession of Child Porn, Dismissed.
U.S. v. J.Z. Possession of Child Porn, Plea Bargain.
State v. R.W. Pistol w/out Permit. Case Dismissed.
State v. J.K. Sex Offender. Probation reinstated.
State v. R.B. Assault 2nd with gun. Case Diverted.
State v. N.J.M. 10 counts Domestic Violence. Diverted.
State v. K.W., Domestic Violence-Assault. Dismissed.
State v. JCH., Assault, Resisting Arrest. Dismissed.
State v. T.H. Assault, Resisting Arrest, Dismissed.
State v. K.O’R., Domestic Assault, Not Guilty.
State v. T.R.S. Reckless Endangerment, Dismissed.
State v. A.H., Menacing, Not Guilty.
State v. S.B.D. Theft of Property 2nd. Dismissed.
State v. S.B. Domestic Violence. Diversion.
State v. A.S.C. Possession of Meth, Case Dismissed.
State v. I.C. Possession of Drugs, Diversion.
State v. L.F. Possession of Drugs, Case Dismissed.
State v. S.H., Drug Possession, Case Diverted.
State v. D.McD., Forgery. Probation.
State v. D.M. Domestic Violence 3rd. Dismissed.
State v. C.G., Domestic Violence 3rd, Probation
State v. A.M., Harassment. Case Dismissed
State v. M.H., Receiving Stolen Prop. 1st, Dismissed.
State v. L.W., Theft of Rental Car. Case Dismissed.
State v. A.B., Disorderly Conduct, Case Dismissed.
State v. S.L., Theft of Property 1st, Case Dismissed.
State v. J.D., Theft of Property, 2nd. Case Dismissed.
State v. F.S. Theft of Property, 1st. Dismissed.
State v. KF. Robbery 1st. Guilty verdict. Appealed.
State v. J.P., Forgery. Case Dismissed.
State v. S.A. Poss. Marijuana. Dismissed.
State v. M.I. Possession of Drugs, Diversion.
State v. WC. Distribution of Drugs, Dismissed.
State v. T.A.T. Trafficking. Minimum sentence.
State v. V.S. 0.39% BAC DUI. Case Dismissed
Athens v. J.G. 0.16% BAC DUI, Case Dismissed
State v. T.R.S. DUI, Case Dismissed.
State v. J.M. DUI, Case Dismissed.
State v. D.G., DUI, Case Dismissed.
State v. M.A.L., DUI/ Poss. Marijuana. Dismissed.
State v. J.A., DUI. Case Dismissed.
State v. S.R., DUI, Case Diverted.
State v. D.B., DUI, Case Diverted.
City of Huntsville v. A.S. Theft 3rd. Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. S.T., DUI, Case Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. C.B., DUI, Case Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. J.H., Disorderly, Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. KT., Theft 3rd. Case Dismissed.
City of Ardmore vs. SFL., DUI. Case Dismissed.
City of Athens v. DJ. DUI. Case Dismissed.
City of Athens v. K.C. Probation Reinstated.
City of Ardmore v. ST. DUI. Case Dismissed.
City of Scottsboro v. CE. DUI. Diversion.
City of Madison v. A.S. Poss. Marijuana, Dismissed.
City of Madison v. P.V. Domestic Violence. Not guilty.
City of North Courtland v. KD. Poss. Marijuana,
City of North Courtland v. A.T. Poss. Marijuana,

You have just been arrested and you’re freaking out. Right?
You don’t want to go back to jail. No one does.

Imagine yourself winning your case! We can do it!

I am proud to say that over 90% of my clients have
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I am recognized by National Association of
Distinguished Counsel as being in the Top 1% of
criminal defense lawyers in the USA.

The National Academy of Criminal Defense Advocates
recognizes me as a
Top Ten Nation's Premier Criminal Defense Lawyer.

I was rated as a Top 100 National Trial Lawyer for 2013 and 2014
and the National Advocacy for DUI Defense lists me as
one of the Top 75 DUI lawyers in Alabama.

In 2012, www.avvo.com awarded me the 2012 Client’s Choice
Award for best DUI Defense Lawyer.

I recently had a .39 blood test DUI dismissed on a technicality.
You want to win, right?

Also, www.avvo.com lists me as the highest rated criminal defense
lawyer in North Alabama!

In 2012, www.avvo.com awarded me the 2012 Client’s Choice
Award for best DUI Defense Lawyer.  

As for money, that’s easy! I charge a flat fee with a low down
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Richard D. Jensen

Office located at 1403 Weatherly Plaza, Suite 106
Huntsville, Alabama 35803
"You have more power to win your case
than you realize. It's all in how you play the
poker of criminal defense. That's right. This
is poker. You have to know when to bluff,
when to hold your cards, when to bet your
chips, and when to go 'all in.'"
Jensen is an acknowledged expert on
criminal trial strategy and he not only tries
and wins criminal cases, he teaches other
lawyers how to win at seminars all over the
world. His trial strategy books are used by
lawyers the world over to improve their trial
skills and win their cases.
What do prosecutors think of
Richard Jensen's skill as a
criminal defense lawyer?

Here's what one prosecutor wrote
to Richard recently after a felony jury trial:
"I also wanted to let you know that I was impressed
with your preparation. You were without a doubt the
most prepared lawyer
I have ever dealt with in a courtroom. I always try to
learn from other lawyers and I noticed that your
case law guided your case and defense better than
I have ever seen.

"I also admired the way you anticipated all the
issues in the case and was ready to support your
side immediately. This case was like "trench
warfare" and every inch of ground was earned. The
way I see it, this case was like a prize fight that it is
hard to tell who won, because at the end,
everybody ended up in the hospital. In many ways,
that is how trial work should be.

So, my hat is off to you!
Well Done, Sir!"